Ferris Wheel Press Always Right Fether Folio Midnight Blue

Also available in Mustard Yellow:


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This gorgeous folio was designed specifically for the Nothing Left Notebook made with Fether material which is a top grade cruelty-free leather. The folio comes with a duster for storage.

Fether is a proprietary vegan leather developed t outperform top grain animal leather in every way. Fether is highly resistant to tear, abrasion, water, discoloration, and aging, while also being softer and up to 5x more durable than traditional leather.

1. Tailored fountain pen pocket
2. Ink Charger vial slot
3. Discreet credit card slot
4. Commuter storage compartment
5. Duster to use for storage
6. Sleek silhouette for travel

Additional information

Weight 240 g
Dimensions 20.2 × 21 × 2 cm