Pentel Ain STEIN Lead Refill Pack – HB-0.5mm

Ain Stein’s refill leads innovative formula uses porous honeycomb ceramic cell structure while providing the same darkness and smoothness. This ceramic frame holds the leads firmly from the inside making the leads super strong. In a lead strength measure test the Stein Leads (0.5mm HB) measured 130g strong which is 10% stronger than any of Pentel’s other refill leads. When you write with Ain Stein leads you will get clear, black writing lines and there is less debris on the paper or your hand when you touch it.

The tube has a see-through window so you can easily see how many leads you have left and an unique twist cap for easy handling. Each tube contains 40 pieces and each lead is 60mm in length.

Other 0.5mm lead gradation choices:


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