Visconti Van Gogh Series Fountain Pen – Starry Night

Van Gogh’s Masterpiece, Starry Night, is one of the most recognized pieces of art in the world due to its timeless and universal beauty.

This piece was painted by Van Gogh in 1889 during his stay at the asylum of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole near Saint-Remy-de-Provence.  While he was in hospital, Van Gogh was allowed to leave the hospital grounds to do art work as long as he was attended by staff. He even was given a studio in the hospital so he could continue to work on his painting that were started during his outings.

Unfortunately, during his stay at the asylum he relapsed and began suffering hallucinations, have thoughts of suicide and plunged into deep depression. This had an effect in the tonal choices used in his art work. He returned to incorporating the darker colours from the beginning of his career and Starry Night is a wonderful example of that shift. Blue is the dominant colour of this painting and it allowed him to be able to blend the hills with the sky. Even the village at the bottom of this piece is completed in the dark colours of browns, greys and blues with each building being clearly outlined in black. The brightness of the piece is found in the yellow and white stars and moon which stand out against the blue sky.

Van Gogh’s brush strokes are unique in this painting as they swirl, roll and bend throughout the piece creating an ethereal and dreamlike quality to the painting.

The biggest point of interest about this piece is that the scenery does not match any of the area surrounding Saint-Paul or what could of been seen from Van Gogh’s hospital window. This scene is felt to have been completely created from Van Gogh’s imagination. As Van Gogh was considered a man who religiously paints what he sees, this painting is considered a remarkable break from Van Gogh’s normal work.


Visconti’s Van Gogh series fountain pens are made from an acrylic resin that is mixed in such a way as to represent the palettes of oil paint Van Gogh used in creating this Masterpiece. The pen’s shape is made up of an eighteen-faceted design so the many edges enhance the pen’s vivid colours.

The Starry Night fountain pen features silver trim and a stainless steel nib. The pen comes with a converter so you can use either standard international short cartridges or the converter. The clip is engraved with the Visconti logo. The cap has the Visconti logo on its finial and the bottom edge of the cap is trimmed in silver metal and has “Van Gogh” stamped in it.

This gift set contains a book mark that contains part of the image of this Masterpiece. These items are packaged in a beautiful gift box whose lid contains an portrait image of Van Gogh.

A stunning collector’s set for those who love both fountain pens and Post-Impressionism Fine Art.

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