Octopus Fluids Sheening Fountain Pen Inks 30 ml – Unicorn

Get ready for an almost magical writing experience!

The Octopus Fluids Sheen collection offers you a range of enchanting inks with a very special two-tone effect. Each ink is inspired by a mythical creature, be it the fairytale Unicorn, the mysterious Medusa, the enigmatic Goblin or the shy Sea Serpent. The colours of these inks are as magical as their names.

The ink colour will change depending on the angle of view and the paper. A metallic sheen in shades of copper, gold or pink overlays the base colour of the ink, creating a visual symphony of colour.

The sheen depends on the paper and writing instrument you use, and you will experience  different levels of sheen. The mesmerizing effect works best on smooth, non-absorbent paper. Wherever your writing instrument releases a lot of ink, the metallic sheen is created.

The inks are water-soluble and, due to their composition, dry more slowly than conventional inks. Only vegan ingredients are used in the production of Octopus Sheen inks. The sheen effect is made possible due to a very high dye content in the ink.

Octopus Sheen inks are a must-have for creative writers. Whether you keep a bullet journal, write poetry or design greeting cards. Enrich your writing experience and add a touch of sophistication to your personal messages and even everyday notes with the special sheen!

Ink Color: Sky Blue with Pink Sheen

Instructions for Use:

Octopus Sheen inks should be shaken before use, as the high dye saturation will cause solids to settle to the bottom of the bottle over time. Sheen inks generally take longer to dry than conventional dye inks and will smudge more easily on contact with wet hands, even when completely dry.

The ink can be left in the pen for longer, and only the nib needs moistening after a long period of use. There is no need to worry about the ink drying out.

For cleaning, warm water should be sufficient. However, if needed you can use a fountain pen flush for a more thorough pen cleaning.


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