Pelikan Souveran M600 Black-Green Fountain Pen


1950 was the year of birth of the Model 400. Even today, this classic with a black and green pinstripe sleeve is still considered a symbol of the Pelikan brand worldwide. It is the Pelikan ambassador and the company’s flagship product.


The production of the Souveran sleeve is subject to an elaborate process. The typical, striped material is made out of cotton based on a formula developed specially for Pelikan. It takes months until the block providing the stripes is finished, whereupon the tailor-made plating is curved and cut into a contour using a natural diamond. The characteristic double rings are then integrated into the cap and barrel with the utmost precision, making sure that the transition between the materials is almost seamless. The writing instrucment is polished until it reaches a brilliant luster.

The famous beak-like clip and Pelikan cap are placed on top, forming the crown of the Souveran. Writing instruments of various sizes are created to ensure a product completely individual and suitable for your personal preferences.

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Extra Fine, Fine, Medium