Pelikan Edelstein Ink – Golden Lapis 2024 Special Edition Ink 50 ml

For decades, Pelikan has stood for high-quality, prestigious inks. In 2012 they started a completely new chapter in the world of inks with the exclusive Edelstein Ink Collection. This represented a milestone in the history of Pelikan.

The Edelstein ink consists of brilliant colors corresponding to famous precious stones from around the world. Due to the unique formula, the ink enables a particularly smooth writing experience while simultaneously caring for your pen from within. The prestigious bottle’s design is reminiscent of a cut diamond, which gives the entire collection an extremely elegant touch.

The Edelstein Golden Lapis Ink is Pelikan’s Ink of the year for 2024. An enchanting color combination of a vibrant blue tone refined with a golden shimmer. The Golden Lapis gemstone was once considered a jewel for kings and was associated with strength, wisdom and protection from negative influences. To this day, golden lapis is also a symbol of inner peace and emotional balance. This balance of a powerful and calming color effect gives the handwriting a special expressiveness.

Shake well before using.

Size: 50ml


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