Monteverde Regatta Mondrian Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Monteverde Regatta Numbered Limited Edition Only 921 Fountain Pens. Piet Mondrian (Dutch 1874 – 1944)

Based on Mondrian’s Masterpiece: “The Allure of Square Art” – Composition with Large Red Plane, Yellow, Black, Gray and Blue, 1921 Oil On Canvas

Mondrian took interest in impressionist techniques, and, like his countryman, Vincent Van Gogh, he used pure, glowing colors. Later on, he transitioned toward a pointillist cubist style, as well as other abstract compositional structures.

In honor and to commemorate his legacy Monteverde is proud to introduce the Regatta Mondrian Limited Edition 921: A writing instrument that elegantly intertwines the maritime grace with the profound artistic legacy of Mondrian. With meticulous intention, this pen’s design pays homage to the rhythm and hues that defined Mondrian’s iconic abstract paintings in the 1920’s. Drawing inspiration from the fluid lines of sailing, the pen’s form is a tribute to the artist’s pursuit of a distinct abstract art, separate from the conventions of Cubism and Futurism.

In the spirit of Mondrian’s palette, the Regatta Mondrian Limited Edition 921 embraces the limited colors of white, black, gray and the primary hues.

Its composition, marked by thick horizontal and vertical lines, meticulously outlines the color rectangles, creating a symphony of rhythms that mirror the cadence of contemporary life. Just as Mondrian’s compositions remained asymmetrical and dynamic, so does this pen’s aesthetic – a dominant red block balanced by smaller yellow, blue, gray, and white segments, ech0ing the very essence of Mondrian’s brilliant work.


The Monteverde Regatta Mondrian Limited Edition fountain pen is highlighted by the magnetic closure system that adds a touch of practicality, ensuring effortless capping and posting. While the balanced weight elevates the writing experience of each writing instrument. Notably, enthusiasts of fountain pens will find an included ink bottle to extend their creative journey. A limited production of 921 pens aligns with Mondrian’s philosophy of asymmetrical equilibrium, offering a contemplative balance.

The fountain pen boasts a premium stainless steel nib, made in Germany by JoWo, the preeminent nib manufacturer in the world. This fountain pen can easily be filled via standard international ink cartridges or high quality threaded piston converter (included).

The Monteverde Regatta fountain pen is presented in a deluxe gift box, accompanied by a 30 ml themed ink bottle, making it the perfect gift.

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