Pelikan Edelstein Ink – Rose Quartz 2023 Special Edition Ink 50 ml

For decades, Pelikan has stood for high-quality, prestigious inks. In 2012 they started a completely new chapter in the world of inks with the exclusive Edelstein Ink Collection. This represented a milestone in the history of Pelikan.

The Edelstein ink consists of brilliant colors corresponding to famous precious stones from around the world. Due to the unique formula, the ink enables a particularly smooth writing experience while simultaneously caring for your pen from within. The prestigious bottle’s design is reminiscent of a cut diamond, which gives the entire collection an extremely elegant touch.

The Edelstein Rose Quartz Ink is Pelikan’s Ink of the year for 2023. Softer than the color red, this shade in rose creates a smooth, heart-warming impression, turning your handwriting style into a romantic message. The gemstone Rose Quartz shows a fascinating range of color shades from soft-pink to intense- rose in its natural appearance. Let yourself be enchanted with Edelstein’s In of the Year for 2023, Rose Quartz!

Size: 50ml


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