Pentel Orenz Auto-Lead Forwarding Mechanical Pencil – 0.3mm lead

Pentel’s Orenz Nero mechanical pencil comes with a technological breakthrough with an “Auto-lead-forwarding’ system. The spring-loaded tip pulls the lead down automatically as you write. You can keep writing or drawing until the lead runs out, you do not have to stop to click the pencil. Every time you lift the pencil from the paper, the spring loaded sleeve slides back to its original position. The sleeve pulls the lead down with it each time allowing you to write continuously without clicking again, until the lead runs out.

Another unique feature of the Orenz is that the lead should not extend past the sleeve, because it protects the lead while writing. This is an anti-break mechanism, so you can write longer even with thin leads.

The sleek designer barrel is made with a combination of metal and plastic casing.

The Pentel Orenz Nero gives you a new writing experience.

Uses 0.3mm leads.

Pentel HI-Polymer/300 lead refills for the Orenz Nero mechanical pencil:


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