SM – LT Calligraphy & Lettering Album

The SM – LT Calligraphy & Lettering Album contains a woodfree high white uncoated paper. This allows for a highly smooth writing surface and the extra pressed paper gives a high degree of transparency. The clear transparency of the paper works perfectly with the lined template so you can easily follow the grid template when practicing or doing calligraphy work. This paper is suitable for handwriting practice using brush pens, liners, parallel pens, and fountain pens. The  album has a natural colored carboard cover and book mark.

The SM – LT Calligraphy & Lettering Album comes with a book mark containing a red elastic holder. The album is 17 cm x 24 cm ( 6 6/8 x 9 1/2 inches) and contains 32 sheets of 100 gsm FSC certified paper.


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