Visconti Van Gogh Series Fountain Pen – Cafe Terrace at Night

The Cafe Terrace at NIght was painted by Van Gogh in mid-September 1888 during his stay in Arles, France. This scene takes place in the Place du Forum in Arles, at the Cafe Terrace. This Cafe still exists and in the same location that it was when Van Gogh made this Masterpiece.

The Cafe Terrace at Night was painted much before his other Masterpiece, Starry Night. In fact, Cafe Terrace at Night was the first in a series of paintings that captured the night sky with the brilliance of Van Gogh’s colour and painting style.

An interesting fact about this painting is Van Gogh did not sign this work. It has been authenticated as being done by Van Gogh through three different letters he sent to family and a friend describing plentifully aspects of this piece. Also there exists a large pen drawing of the composition that was found in the artist’s estate.

Many feel that there is a definitive influence of Japanese woodcuts in this painting with the images flat and elegant outlines in black. Van Gogh uses a lot of contrasting colours and tones for this painting bringing in a pulse of colours that contrast with the darkening night sky.

This painting is a true testament to Van Gogh’s Post-Impressionism style.


Visconti’s Van Gogh series fountain pens are made from acrylic resin that is mixed in such a way as to represent the palettes of oil paint Van Gogh used in creating this Masterpiece. The pen’s shape is made up of an eighteen-faceted design so the many edges enhance the pen’s vivid colours.

Cafe Terrace at Night fountain pen features silver trim that is palladium coated. The stainless steel nib has ‘Van Gogh’ inscribed on it in addition to the Visconti name. The pen comes with a converter so you can use either standard international short cartridges or the converter. The clip is engraved with the Visconti logo. The cap has the Visconti logo on its finial and the bottom edge of the cap is trimmed in silver metal and has “Van Gogh” stamped in it.

This gift set contains a book mark that contains part of the image of this Masterpiece. These items are packaged in a beautiful gift box whose lid contains a partial image of the Cafe Terrace at Night Masterpiece.

A stunning collector’s set for those who love both fountain pens and Post-Impression Fine Art.

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