Clairfontaine PAScribe Copperplate Script & Calligraphy Practice Pad

Clairefontaine, in association with Paul Antonio, Master Scribe, has created the PAScribe Copperplate Script & Calligraphy Pad.

This pad has been specially designed to help make the learning and writing of calligraphy easier and more accessible. The very subtle paper is perfect for pencil calligraphy. The printed grid is a brand new technical grid developed to gain a better understanding of letterform construction. With its turquoise blue Maya cover tinted in the mass, this calligraphy pad is a must.

The paper is PEFC Certified, acid free and has a subtle grain. The portrait, head stapled pad size is A4+ (21 x 31.8 cm) and the paper weight is 90/m2. The pad contains 60 detachable microperforated sheets. The lines thickness is 0.1 pt and the printed grid contains both the diagonal 55° markings and the horizontal 6 mm grey lined ruling on both sides of the sheet.


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